Deviant Teaser

Baby Got Stacks!

ooooowwwwwwweeeee!!! This Book was HOTT! and so i shall share some teasers and blurbs with you before the review see the light of day!

The Cover:


Even the cover is zexy…no that isn’t a typo Zeth is just that sexy!

The Back of the Book:




This was where things go interesting.


uhm yes sir!


I have to agree with him here. Sloane is perfect.


I don’t think grateful is the word but ok Zeth.


*fanning myself*


I don’t know if behaved even has a place in the things that these two do together.


When a sexy monster creates another sexy monster. yesssssssss.

*the above pictures i found on pinterest or via google and thank you to the wonderful people who have made these so i can use them and recall some of the best parts of the book*

In Conclusion! this was freaking dirty and hot. The romance is…

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