Fang Chronicles: Tyboll Pre-Order

Life feels good when the news you’ve been waiting for finally comes!!!

Wicked Story Telling

DM-Fchron-Tyboll-432x648I’m so excited to announce the pre-order of Tyboll’s Story! This special Fang Chronicles book is available in the Romancing the Paranormal Box Set with thirteen amazing, all new paranormal stories from an incredible list of authors. And the best news… you get all these wonderful books combined for 99 cents!

You met Tyboll in Mandy’s Story and of course I’m bringing back that feisty she-wolf to stir up some big, bad bear trouble.

Here’s an excerpt to hold you over until release day, May 19th. The buy links are at the bottom of the post.


I watch the stunned look on Veda’s face with a sense of pride. Mandy does this to people. No one is exempt. A smile cracks Veda’s stoic face. It changes her. For the first time I see the same beauty Mandy spoke of when we entered. Unfortunately I know about her cold witch’s heart…

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Revisit Nix and Kandence in Reclaimed!!!


Reclaim by River Savage
Catch up with Nix and Kandence and the new edition to the family. But as emotions run high and Kandence struggles, Nix has to find a way to find the women he loves and bring her back into the family it seems like she is drifting away from.
So Nix has one goal this Valentines…Reclaim the women who gave him everything.